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Template:Original Source

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This file was retrieved directly by NO USERNAME GIVEN for Zelda Wiki.
If you wish to distribute this image on another site, we kindly ask that you attribute the retrieval to NO USERNAME GIVEN and Zelda Wiki.


Main article: Template:FileInfo

This template is intended to be used in conjunction with the FileInfo template to attribute the source of the file to the uploader responsible for retrieving it and uploading it to Zelda Wiki.

It is NOT meant to be used for individuals who have taken an image from elsewhere on the internet and simply appropriated it; it may only be used when the uploader has gone through the effort of retrieving an original file expressly for demonstrative purposes.

To use this template, type: {{Original Source|<name>}}

  • Name — The username of the person responsible for the file.


|summary= Example
|type= screenshot
|source= {{Original Source|Dany36}}
|game= MM
|licensing= Copyright