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Template Key
Hylian Corresponding Katakana Command
A γ‚’ A
I γ‚€ I
U ウ U
E エ E
O γ‚ͺ O
Ka γ‚« Ka
Ki γ‚­ Ki
Ku γ‚― Ku
Ke γ‚± Ke
Ko γ‚³ Ko
Sa γ‚΅ Sa
Shi γ‚· Shi
Su γ‚Ή Su
Se γ‚» Se
So γ‚½ So
Ta γ‚Ώ Ta
Chi チ Chi
Tsu ツ Tsu
Te テ Te
To γƒˆ To
Na γƒŠ Na
Ni ニ Ni
Nu γƒŒ Nu
Ne ネ Ne
No γƒŽ No
Ha ハ Ha
Hi γƒ’ Hi
Fu フ Fu
He γƒ˜ He
Ho ホ Ho
Ma γƒž Ma
Mi γƒŸ Mi
Mu γƒ  Mu
Me パ Me
Mo γƒ’ Mo
Ya ダ Ya
Yu ユ Yu
Yo ヨ Yo
Ra ラ Ra
Ri γƒͺ Ri
Ru ル Ru
Re レ Re
Ro γƒ­ Ro
Wa γƒ― Wa
Wo ヲ Wo
N ン N
Kuten 。 Kuten
Toten 、 Toten


Used to display individual letters in the Hylian script from Ocarina of Time (as shown in Japanese alphabetical order above).

Type     {{OoTH|Letter |Size (Optional) }} Where Letter is the letter that you want to use.

E.g. {{OoTH|Ri}}{{OoTH|N}}{{OoTH|Ku}}