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Template:Nav Template1/Arrow

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ERROR: "arrow" parameter incorrectly entered


Note: This should be used only within another template, namely Template:Nav Template1

{{Nav Template1/Arrow
|id    = 
|upn   = 
|n     = 
|arrow =
  • id — The (whole) id for the relevant instance/use of Template:Nav Template1
  • upn — When used in Template:Nav Template1, this should be the parameter {{{up#}}}, where # is the level (n) that needs an arrow to go to up it and an arrow to go down from it; i.e. tests if level n in Template:Nav Template1 is used, so needs an arrow or not
  • n — The nav level (n) as in upn; i.e. identifies the level to use in the class names for js toggling
  • arrow — Type "up" or "down" for the required up or down arrow respectively (must be in lowercase)