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This template tabulates the names and meanings of various game aspects in different languages. All of these fields are optional, so if you don't have the necessary information, you may choose to not use that field.

|align=  The orientation of the template. Under "Nomenclature" sections, it should be forced left.
|width=  The maximum width of the template. Enter a value as "#px"
|nwidth= The width of the name column. Enter a value as "#px"
|enBr=   Name in European English 
|enBrM=  ...
|ja=     Name in Japanese
|jaM=    ...
|zhS=    Name in Simplified Chinese (mainland China)
|zhSM=   ...
|zhT=    Name in Traditional Chinese (Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong)
|zhTM=   ...
|nl=     Name in Dutch
|nlM=    ...
|fi=     Name in Finnish
|fiM=    ...
|frC=    Name in Canadian French
|frCM=   ...
|frF=    Name in European French (France)
|frFM=   ...
|de=     Name in German
|deM=    ...
|he=     Name in Modern Hebrew
|heM=    ...
|hu=     Name in Hungarian
|huM=    ...
|it=     Name in Italian
|itM=    ...
|ko=     Name in Korean
|koM=    ...
|no=     Name in Norwegian
|noM=    ...
|pl=     Name in Polish
|plM=    ...
|ptB=    Name in Brazilian Portuguese
|ptBM=   ...
|ptP=    Name in European Portuguese (Portugal)
|ptPM=   ...
|ru=     Name in Russian
|ruM=    ...
|esS=    Name in European Spanish (Spain)
|esSM=   ...
|esL=    Name in Latin American Spanish
|esLM=   ...}}
  • Note: "M" stands for "meaning". "enBrM" would stand for "the meaning of the European English name", "jaM" would stand for "the meaning of the Japanese name", and so on.

Blank Template

To use this template, simply copy and paste the following and place underneath a "Nomenclature" header:

|align= left
|esLM= }}
The above documentation is transcluded from Template:Names/Documentation. (edit | history)