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Template:NIWA Update

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{{{update}}} Niwalogo.png


This template is meant for use on the mainpage for updates about NIWA or its wikis.

{{NIWA Update
|abbrev=     wiki's abbreviation (see table below)
|update=     actual news update
{{NIWA Update
Abbreviation Wiki
ac / np Animal Crossing.png Nookipedia
bp PokeBall Icon.png Bulbapedia
dk DK icon.png Donkey Kong Wiki
few Fire Emblem Wiki icon.png Fire Emblem Wiki
gsu Golden Sun Universe Icon.png Golden Sun Universe
lw Lylat Wiki.png Lylat Wiki
ssb SmashBrosSymbol.png SmashWiki
smw Super Mushroom.png Super Mario Wiki
stw Starfy Wiki icon.png Starfy Wiki
sw StrategyWiki Favicon.png StrategyWiki
mew Screw Attack.png Metroid Wiki
nw NWiki.png NintendoWiki
pk Pikipedia Logo.png Pikipedia
tw HardDrop Icon.png Tetris Wiki
wb WikiBound.png WikiBound
wk Warp Star.png WiKirby
ww AdvanceTank.png Wars Wiki
zw Triforce Logo.png Zelda Wiki


{{NIWA Update
|abbrev=     Wiki's abbreviation
|bg=         Background color
|border=     Border color
|font=       Font color
|image=      An image to display. Separate formatting with {{!}}
|url=        Wiki's url
|update=     actual news update
{{NIWA Update


{{NIWA Update
|abbrev= wk
|bg= darkred
|border= black
|font= #FFFFFF
|image= File:Example.jpg {{!}} 40px
|update= '''Date''' - Announcement

Date - Announcement Niwalogo.png