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This template displays a 3D model viewer embed to view a model hosted on Sketchfab. The main purpose is to be able to view the model from various angles and positions.


|width       = (default:300) the width of the viewer itself
|height      = (default:300) the height of the viewer itself
|transparent = (default:1) 1 for no background, 0 for generated backdrop
|autostart   = (default:0) 1 for the model to load right away, 0 for the user to click to start it
|autospin    = (default:0) A value for the spin speed - positive for anti-clockwise rotation about the positive z-axis, negative for clockwise, 0 for no spin
|id          = the id of the model. i.e. <id> where the url of the model is<id> (defaults to the BotW Meat model)

Alternatively, the first five parameters (width, height, transparency, autostart, autospin) can be the first five unnamed parameters, in that order.


Only the id usedCustom width and height