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This template concatenates any number of strings.


{{List|delim= |string1|string2|string3|...}}
  • delim — The delimiter used to separate string. Defaults to a
    tag. If set to "prosaic", it will print a prosaic enumeration with an an Oxford comma. If you want to use leading or trailing spaces in the delimiter, wrap it in single quotes (').


  • {{List|Link|Princess Zelda|Ganon}}
    • Link
      Princess Zelda
  • {{List|delim=-|Link|Princess Zelda|Ganon}}
    • Link-Princess Zelda-Ganon
  • {{List|delim='; '|Link|Princess Zelda|Ganon}}
    • Link; Princess Zelda; Ganon
  • {{List|delim=prosaic|Link|Princess Zelda|Ganon}}
    • Link, Princess Zelda and Ganon
  • {{List|delim=prosaic|Link|Princess Zelda}}
    • Link and Princess Zelda