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This is a dynamic template offering improved ways of handling text links. It offers features such as changing the alternate text of the link, the font size, the color, the or displayed text.


To use this template, copy this code:

|link  =
|text  =
|title =
|size  =
|color =
  • link — The link you wish to use. It can either be a local page here on the wiki, an interwiki link, or a URL. The template will automatically know how to handle each. URLs will display as plain links.
  • text — The text to display for the link. Behavior if left blank depends on the type of link it is. If it's an internal or interwiki link, it will default to the text provided for the link parameter. If it's an external link however it won't show up at all, so in that case it's required.
  • title — The text to display in the alternate text of the link. If left blank it defaults to whatever results in the text parameter.
  • size — The size of the font in the link. It can be in pixels, ems, percentage, or points (eg: 3px, 0.6em, 150%, 12pt). Default size if left blank.
  • color — The color of the link. Can be either pre-defined HTML words for colors (blue), or the standard hexadecimal code (#0000FF).