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This article or section is under construction.
This article or section is currently under construction.

Its finished form will be up momentarily. Zelda Wiki apologizes for any informational setback.


This is a base template for Category:Interwiki links templates. Copy paste the following and fill out the prefix and wikiname. This will also generate the documentation for the template.

|prefix =  
|wikiname = 
|pagename = {{{1|}}}
|text = {{{2|}}}
  • prefix — The wiki's prefix in the Interwiki table
  • wikiname — The full name of the wiki.
  • pagename — The name of the page you wish to link to. Should be the optional first parameter as shown above. Defaults to the Main Page of the wiki.
  • text — The text to show on the link. Should be the optional second parameter as shown above. If not provided, defaults to the pagename.