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Template:Infobox Game/Documentation

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Displaying infoboxes for games.


{{Infobox Game
|image= Image(s) of the topic. (Use {{Media}} when possible.)
|caption= Caption of the image. (Not to be used with {{Media}}.)
|developer= The developer(s) of the game.
|publisher= The publisher(s) of the game.
|designer= The game's designer(s).
|released= The game's release date(s).
|ratings= The content ratings of the game.
|genre= The game's genre(s).
|modes= The game's gamemode(s).
|platform= The platform(s) on which the game is published.
|website= The official website of the game.
|predecessor= The game's predecessor(s).
|successor= The successor(s) of the game.
|zu= Link to the Zelda Universe walkthrough.

Blank code:

{{Infobox Game
This is the documentation page, it should be transcluded into the main template page. See Template:Documentation for more information.