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Displaying an infobox for enemies.


{{Infobox Enemy
|image= Image(s) of the topic. (Use {{Media}} when possible.)
|caption= Caption of the image. (Not to be used with {{Media}}.)
|pronunciation= Pronunciation of the enemy's name.
|plural= Plural name of the enemy.
|race= The enemy's race.
|game= The game(s) in which the enemy appears.
|other= Other media in which the enemy appears.
|habitat= Location(s) where this enemy can be found.
|member= Members belonging to the enemy's species.
|health= Total of health of the enemy.
|attack= Notable attack(s) (apart from common/normal physical attacks).
|weapon= Effective weapon(s) against the enemy.
|spoils= Item(s) that may be dropped by the enemy.
|exp= EXP awarded upon defeating the enemy (in {{TAoL}}).
|theme= The theme(s) associated with this enemy.

Blank code:

{{Infobox Enemy
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