June 11th, 2019 The Sequel to Breath of the Wild has been announced!

The Sequel to Breath of the Wild was just revealed, alongside the release dates for Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch and Cadence of Hyrule!
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TP Midna Render 4.png
It has been suggested that this image be deleted because it meets Zelda Wiki's deletion standards.

If you disagree with the deletion of this image, discuss this on the image's talk page. Please do not place this template on a file until you have removed all links to the file.


This template is used to suggest that an image needs to be deleted. To use it, add {{imdel|<reason abbreviation>|<second file name>}} to a image's page.

A second file name only needs to be entered when using Superseded or Duplicated file as a reason.

  • Copyright violation = cv
  • Duplicated file = df
  • Inappropriate content = ic
  • Low quality = lq
  • Superseded = sup
  • Unacceptable filename = un
  • Unused file = uf
  • Uploader request = ur

Explanations of each reason can be found here.

This template will automatically place an image within Category:Images for deletion.