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This template resizes images to have its largest dimension fit a certain, specified size. This is useful for making a uniform look in tables and galleries.


There are two methods to use this template. For the first method, start with this code:

  • Image — The image you wish to resize, it can include the File prefix or not, it's programmed to work either way.
  • Size — The size maximum size you wish to reduce the image's dimensions to. Defaults to 120 pixels if not defined.
  • Attribute — Use to define a standard image attribute if you wish, such as frame, frameless, or thumb.
  • Caption — A caption if you wish to define one.

Only Image is required, all other parameters are optional.

If you wish to just return the new dimensions of the image, place something in a parameter named Output.

For the second method, you can use the traditional format:
    {{ImageResize|Image |Size |Attribute |Caption }}

All parameters are the same as before.