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ALBW A.svg ALBW B.svg ALBW C.svg ALBW DG.svg ALBW EW.svg ALBW FR.svg ALBW DG.svg ALBW H.svg ALBW I.svg ALBW JT.svg ALBW K.svg ALBW L.svg ALBW M.svg ALBW N.svg ALBW OZ.svg ALBW P.svg ALBW Q.svg ALBW FR.svg ALBW S.svg ALBW JT.svg ALBW U.svg ALBW V.svg ALBW EW.svg ALBW X.svg ALBW Y.svg ALBW OZ.svg


Used to display individual letters in the Hylian script of A Link Between Worlds (as shown in alphabetical order above).

Type     {{HylianALBW/Letter|Letter |Size (Optional) }}

  • Letter — A letter from "A" to "Z".
  • Size — The height of the letter, measured in pixels. Defaults to 20px. This template uses vector graphics; letters can be resized by any amount without losing quality.


  • {{HylianALBW/Letter|L}} {{HylianALBW/Letter|I}} {{HylianALBW/Letter|N}} {{HylianALBW/Letter|K}}
    • ALBW L.svg ALBW I.svg ALBW N.svg ALBW K.svg
  • {{HylianALBW/Letter|L|40}} {{HylianALBW/Letter|I|40}} {{HylianALBW/Letter|N|40}} {{HylianALBW/Letter|K|40}}
    • ALBW L.svg ALBW I.svg ALBW N.svg ALBW K.svg

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