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With your ideas, I feel you'd be a great candidate for the WikiExclusive program here at Zelda Wiki. Basically, the WikiExclusive is a written fan-made article about anything related to Zelda, completely up to you. It carries little to no rules (just no profanity, and keep the topic Zelda related), and the structure is user-created, as long as the article is of a good length (2 full pages is just fine). For publication, you'd have to send it to one of the admins (or to me, and I'll send it to them) for review. And that's about it! The staff must approve it, and it will get published here on ZW. If you're interested, just let me know!


This should be placed on talk pages specifically, in which a user either expresses interest in the ZW WikiExclusives, or looks like a suitable candidate to write one.