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Template:How to Game/Documentation

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Use this canned message when you notice a user is not following policy on referring to games in articles. To use it, place the following on the user's talk page:

    {{subst:How to Game/Documentation}}

The template must be substituted. If you don't substitute it, an inexperienced user may reply on this template page rather than their own talk page. Also, don't forget to sign your post.


Linking to Game Articles

Hey How to Game/Documentation,

Just dropping in to let you know about our handy game link shortcuts. These templates allow you to quickly and easily link to games. For example, when you type {{ALBW}} it generates the full link: A Link Between Worlds. We highly recommend using these as it's the easiest way to follow Zelda Wiki's strict game linking policy. And it's the fastest method anyway. :)

However, please keep in mind that each page should only be linked to once or twice per article. So please remember not to use the game shortcuts every time you mention a game. Rather, simply write the game's subtitle in italics, like so: ''A Link Between Words''. This is also part of the policy.

Please let me know (on this same talk page) you have any questions or concerns.


This is the documentation page, it should be transcluded into the main template page. See Template:Documentation for more information.