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Template:How many

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[how many?]


Use this template to mark inappropriate use of indefinite quantifiers such as "a certain amount," "many," or "lots of." In some cases, an exact number should be specified. Figuring out the exact number may require research. (See example below.)

Articles tagged with this template are added to Category:Statements Needing Clarification. Specific categories also exist for each game (see below).


To use this template, insert the following immediately after the vague statement, after any punctuation:

    {{How many|Game (Optional) }}

If the article covers multiple games, use additional parameters, e.g. ({{How many|OOT|MM|TWW|TP}}). The template accepts up to six game parameters.


In Hyrule Warriors, a Golden Cucco is summoned by attacking a certain amount of Cuccos.[how many?]

The above statement should specify exactly how many Cuccos have to be hit for a Golden Cucco to appear. One can test this in-game, find gameplay footage that shows it, or find a reliable source – namely an official guide – that states the exact number. If it's found to be a random number or a range of numbers, specify that in the statement rather than leave it vague.