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Template:Header Icon

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This template is used to conveniently display an image on the same level as the page title.


Copy this code and fill it out:

{{Header Icon
|image  = 
|size   = 
|text   = 
|offset = 
|height = 
|float  = 
|link   = 

  • image — The filename of the image, do not include the File: prefix
  • size — The size of the image. Defaults to 23px.
  • text — The text you want the image to display when hovered over by the mouse.
  • offset — The distance from the right side that the image is placed. The default value is 0.5em.
  • height — The distance from the top that the image is placed. The default value is -1.5em.
  • float — Set this to left to have the offset go from the left instead of right, set it to right, or leave it blank to have it go from the right.
  • link — A link, internal or external, which the icon links to.

Note: An em is the width of a "m".