June 11th, 2019 The Sequel to Breath of the Wild has been announced!

The Sequel to Breath of the Wild was just revealed, alongside the release dates for Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch and Cadence of Hyrule!
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The following text needs to be harmonized with text in . Discuss this on the article's talk page.


This template alerts users to articles that do not properly complement other articles of a related topic. Pages tagged with this template are automatically added to Category:Articles to harmonize.


To use this template, add {{harmonize|<name of article(s) to harmonize with>}} to the top of an article.

You can add up to 20 articles separated by pipes (e.g. {{harmonize|<Article A>|<Article B>|<C>|<D>|<E>|<F>|<etc.>}}

When necessary, use the parameter |cat= to sort the page manually. For example, entering |cat= A causes the page to be sorted among articles beginning with the letter "A". Entering |cat=none suppresses categorization of the page (default on userpages).