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Template:HW Stage

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HW Stage
Main Theme Music


This template is used to display a Hyrule Warriors Stage's vital information, including that of each of its Legend Mode Scenario(s), and adds the article to Category:Stages, Category:Stages in Hyrule Warriors, and Category:Places in Hyrule Warriors.

To add this template to an article, copy and paste the following code and then fill in the information:

{{HW Stage
|scenario 1= 
|characters 1= 
|mini-boss 1= 
|boss 1= 
|item 1= 
|unlock 1= 
|strategy 1=
|scenario 2= 
|characters 2= 
|mini-boss 2= 
|boss 2= 
|item 2= 
|unlock 2= 
|strategy 2= 
|scenario 3= 
|characters 3= 
|mini-boss 3= 
|boss 3= 
|item 3= 
|unlock 3= 
|strategy 3= 
|scenario 4= 
|characters 4= 
|mini-boss 4= 
|boss 4= 
|item 4= 
|unlock 4= 
|strategy 4=
  • Name — Name of the stage (Default: The page's name).
  • Image — Image to be displayed in the infobox (Use normal image wikicode).
  • Caption — A caption for the image, should one be necessary (be brief).
  • Era — The era of the Zelda Timeline in which the stage is set. If not set in the past, leave blank.
  • Theme Music — A link to the stage's primary theme song(s) (May be separate themes for different Scenarios).
  • Characters n — Which Warriors are playable in Legend Mode for the stage's nth Scenario.
  • Mini-boss n — Any Warriors or Giant Bosses who must be defeated the course of the stage's nth Scenario, except the one whose defeat completes the Scenario.
  • Boss n — The Warrior or Giant Boss who must be defeated to score victory in the stage's nth Scenario.
  • Item n — The item unlocked during the stage's nth Scenario (e.g. Bow, Bombs, Boomerang, etc.). This does not include collectibles such as Heart Containers or Gold Skulltulas/Illustration Pieces.
  • Unlock n — Warrior unlocked by completing the stage's nth Scenario in Legend Mode and/or weapon unlocked during/upon completion of a Scenario.
  • Strategy n — A link to a guide to the stage's nth Scenario on StrategyWiki. Only type the article's name (eg. Hyrule Warriors/Temple of Souls).