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Template:Glitch Rundown

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  • Effect:
  • Prerequisites:
  • How to:


Use this template to quickly produce a glitch. Be sure to review our Glitch Standards before submitting a glitch. To use it, type:

| Effect
| Prerequisites
| How to perform it
| Notes (Optional)
| Youtube Video Code (Optional)
| Video Alignment (Optional)


  • Effect is the outcome of performing the glitch
  • Prerequisites are the items required and minimum stage in the game when the glitch can be executed
  • How To is a list of detailed step-by-step instructions of how to execute the glitch
  • Notes are any additional notes the user should know
  • Youtube Video Code is the unique sequence of letters, numbers, and characters that point to a video
  • Video Alignment is the location of the video on the page (i.e. right, left, or center). Default = right.