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Template:General Infobox

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General Infobox


This template is used to display an information box with up to 12 rows of information.
To add the basic template to an article copy and paste the following code and then fill in the information (all field are optional, all numbered fields are case sensitive):

{{General Infobox
|width= the width of the infobox (default= 22em)
|align= the alignment of the infobox (default= right, options= l, left, r or right)
|font= font color
|mainback= background color of the headers (default= #1d578b)
|infoback= background color of the values (default= #17456e)
|imageback= background color of the image, if any (default= #17456e)
|name= the name of the infobox (default= Page Name)
|image= an image for the infobox
|caption= a caption for the image
|1a= "Name of row" |1b= "Value of row"
|6a= "Name of row" |6b= "Value of row"
|1= "Name of row" = "Value of row"
|2= "Name of row" = "Value of row"
|11= "Name of row" = "Value of row"
|12= "Name of row" = "Value of row"
|End= a wide cell at the bottom of the infobox

Blank code (paste onto page):

{{General Infobox


An example of the template's usage can be seen below. Notice how the rows will be arranged from the lowest number to the highest, and not in the order they appear in the template. This can be useful for quickly rearranging the infobox.

{{General Infobox
|align= left
|font= pink
|mainback= #6C1F73
|imageback= black
|name= Zelda Wiki
|image= [[File:Special Logo.png]]
|caption= ZW's Christmas Logo
|1= URL= http://zeldawiki.org
|3= Language= English
|10= Vandalism? = No
|8= Hello= WhAt'S uP?
|7= Last entry= Third row
|End= <center>Visit us today!</center>
Zelda Wiki
Special Logo.png
ZW's Christmas Logo
URL http://zeldawiki.org
Language English
Last entry Third row
Hello WhAt'S uP?
Vandalism? No
Visit us today!