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Gamecube CStick Neutral.png


A template for making Nintendo GameCube button images.

    {{GC|Button |Size (Optional) }}

  • Button — The button to display (See gallery below)
  • Size — The size of the button (Default:24px)


Image Button
Gamecube Button A.png A
Gamecube Button B.png B
Gamecube Button L.png L
Gamecube Button R.png R
Gamecube Button X.png X
Gamecube Button Y.png Y
Gamecube Button Z.png Z
Gamecube Button Start.png Start
Image Button
Gamecube CStick Neutral.png C or C | Neutral
Gamecube CStick Up.png C | Up
Gamecube CStick Right.png C | Right
Gamecube CStick Down.png C | Down
Gamecube CStick Left.png C | Left
Image Button
24px D or D | Neutral
24px D | Up
24px D | Right
Gamecube DPad Down.png D | Down
24px D | Left
Image Button
Gamecube Control Neutral.png Control or Control | Neutral
Gamecube Control Up.png Control | Up
Gamecube Control Right.png Control | Right
Gamecube Control Down.png Control | Down
Gamecube Control Left.png Control | Left