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Zelda Wiki CentralZU-logo.png


This template creates a link to a thread on Zelda Wiki's forum hosted on Zelda Universe. These links are marked by the Zelda Universe shield.


The template's parameters are as follows:

    {{Forum|url |text |font-size |style }}

  • URL — The full URL of the link, including the "http://" prefix. The template will not function correctly unless you add the full URL.
  • text — The text displayed for the link. If no text is entered, the title of the thread is displayed by default.
  • font-size — The size of the link's font in pixels. Enter a whole number (e.g. 12, 14, 16, etc.)
  • image — The vertical size of the Zelda Universe shield in pixels. Defaults to twice the font size. Enter none to remove the image or external to display the regular external link icon.
  • style — Inline CSS styling for the link (color, font face, text decoration, etc.) Do not wrap the CSS in quotation marks, this is already done inside the template. Do separate properties with semi-colons, however.

If no parameters are entered, the template displays a general link to the forum (see above).



Result: Zelda Wiki CentralZU-logo.png

{{forum|http://zeldauniverse.net/forums/index.php/Thread/175235-Zelda-Wiki-General-Chit-Chat/|text= this is a big link to a forum thread|font-size= 20|image= 15}}

Result: this is a big link to a forum threadZU-logo.png

{{forum|http://zeldauniverse.net/forums/index.php/Thread/175235-Zelda-Wiki-General-Chit-Chat/|text= this is a green link to a forum thread|style= color:lightgreen; font-weight:bold}}

Result: this is a green link to a forum threadZU-logo.png