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This template defines the table "Images". View table.

Summary A brief description of the file
Type Screenshots
Source Zelda Wiki
Game Zelda Logo TP.png This is a file pertaining to The Legend of Zelda series.
This file depicts work from a copyrighted video game or otherwise copyrighted material. The copyright for it is most likely owned by either Nintendo and/or its affiliates or the person or organization that developed the concept. It is believed that its use here constitutes fair use, given that:
  • it is used in a non-commercial setting, and therefore is not being used to generate profit in this context
  • its use here does not significantly impede the right of the copyright holder to sell the copyrighted material
  • it is used in a largely unaltered state, where any editing has been done purely for cosmetic/display purposes
  • the original content of the image has not been modified, and it is not a derivative work


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Optional Fields
  • Trademark — Enter any text to add a trademark notice to the licensing. Use on all trademarks (usually denoted by an ® or ™ symbol).


The example at the top of the page was made with the following code:

|summary=	A brief description of the file
|type=          Screenshot
|source=	[ Zelda Wiki]
|game=		Series
|licensing=	Copyright