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Here, users can nominate and vote for Zelda Wiki's next featured article. Any article worthy of being featured exemplifies the Wiki's quality standards, and goes above and beyond what is expected in a normal encyclopedia entry. Featured articles should:

  1. Have exceptionally fluid American English grammar and spelling.
  2. Be lengthy, yet detailed.
  3. Be well organized (as in subdivisions).
  4. Cite sources, and cite them properly.
  5. Be properly categorized.
  6. Contain the most up-to-date information possible.
  7. Have no template requesting improvement, merging, deletion, or any template that may in some way state the article is not of excellent quality. In this respect, there should be no duplicate of the nominated article, nor should the article be a duplicate of another page.
  8. NOT be copied from Wikipedia, or from any site that does not run the Wiki, under any circumstances!

For help on the correct format used to add nominations or votes, see the Featured Content Help.

Scoring and conditions for passing a nomination:

  1. All nominations start with an initial score of zero.
  2. A supporting vote adds 1 to the score.
  3. An opposing vote subtracts 1 from the score.
  4. An article needs to achieve a score of +5 within 4 months of the nomination date in order to be featured.
  5. A nomination automatically fails if the score drops to -3.


  1. You may only vote once on any particular article.
  2. You may not vote on any articles you have nominated.
  3. Votes should be added beneath the relevant header (either support or opposition), with # at the beginning of the line. The current score must be updated to reflect this new vote.
  4. Supporting votes should include a brief message stating why the article should be featured.
  5. Opposing votes must specify how the article fails to meet one or more of the qualifying criteria described above.
  6. All votes MUST be signed using ~~~~ If you do not sign, your vote WILL NOT be counted!