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Template:Exp Game

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Use this template in infoboxes and Names in Other Regions tables to specify when information is true for a certain game only, in order to avoid misleading readers. The template adds the game's acronym between parentheses, in small text. The game's full title is displayed in a tooltip by way of explanation (for users who don't know the acronyms).

For example, the "cost" field of the Hylian Shield article's infobox must use this template to indicate that the shield costs 80 Rupees specifically in Ocarina of Time and 200 in Twilight Princess. Further down in the Names in Other Regions table, Exp Game also used to distinguish which names come from which games.

Exp Game vs Exp

This template is intended to replace instances of Template:Exp that occupy this same function. Both templates are essentially the same, only Exp displays a little Triforce Triforce piece.png rather than a game's acronym. Exp Game is advantageous because game acronyms are meaningful, whereas little golden triangles are not. Therefore, the information is immediately available without necessarily having to hover over the triangle. This is essential as a large fraction of Zelda Wiki readership uses touch-screen mobile devices that cannot "hover."


To use this template type:

    {{Exp Game|Game Acronym }}

For a complete list of usable game acronyms, see Template:Zelda. Acronyms are not case sensitive and are standardized. Currently, up to 20 acronyms can be added.


  • {{Exp Game|OoT}}
    • (OoT)
  • {{Exp Game|FS|FSA|TMC}}
    • (FS | FSA | TMC)