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NWiki.png This article is a short summary of Exitstub-nintendo.
NintendoWiki features a more in-depth article.


This template is for use on Nintendo Articles, when a NIWA affiliate features a more in-depth article on the same topic. To use this template, place the following at the top of the page:

    {{Exitstub-nintendo|Wiki |Title |Text1 |Text2 }}

  • Wiki — The full name of the wiki (e.g. Metroid Wiki, Wikirby, SmashWiki). The default is NintendoWiki.
  • Title — In the case the name of the article is different on the other wiki.
  • Text1 — In the case you want it different than the name of the page on Zelda Wiki.
  • Text2 — In the case you want it different than "a more in-depth article."