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Template:Enemy Weapon

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This template is to provide a means of clarifying what Weapons, Shields, and Bows a given enemy in the Minor Enemies section is equipped with. Please do not use this template for enemy listings outside of Breath of the Wild.


To use this template, type:     {{Enemy Weapon|EQUIPMENT TYPE |NAME }}


  • EQUIPMENT TYPE is the type of equipment used by the enemy (Weapon/Shield/Bow).
  • NAME is the name of the equipment.

Though enemies are sorted alphabetically, please sort the equipment by the order in the Hyrule Compendium. If an enemy is wielding both a Weapon and a Shield, list the Weapon first. If the enemy is wielding a Bow, list what kind of Arrows it uses after listing the Bow by putting the equipment type as Bow and using the plural name for the Arrows in the second field. It is not necessary to line break for each instance of the template as that is a built-in function.

Equipment Type Name Result
Weapon Soldier's Broadsword
BotW Weapon Icon.png Soldier's Broadsword
Shield Traveler's Shield
BotW Shield Icon.png Traveler's Shield
Bow Traveler's Bow
BotW Bow Icon.png Traveler's Bow
Bow Ancient Arrows
BotW Bow Icon.png Ancient Arrows
The above documentation is transcluded from Template:Enemy Weapon/Documentation. (edit | history)