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Template:Infobox Enemy

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This template is used to display an enemies vital information and also adds the article to Category:Enemies.


If the enemy does not have any information for a field (such as not having a known race) leave it blank or delete it. If the enemy name is the same as that of the article you can delete the name field.

To add this template to an article copy and paste the following code and then fill in the information:

  • Name — The enemy's name (Default: The page's name) This parameter should be used ONLY when the respective page doesn't have a Stored Term
  • Image — Image to be displayed in the infobox (Use normal image wikicode)
  • Caption — A caption describing the image (be brief)
  • Pronunciation — Pronunciation of the enemy's name
  • Plural — Plural name of the enemy
  • Race — The enemy's race, if known
  • Game — Games the enemy appears in
  • Other — Any non-canon appearances of the enemy, e.g. Chain Chomp in Hyrule Warriors Legends
  • Habitat — Locations where the enemy may be found
  • Member — Members belonging to the enemy's species, e.g. Moe, Shadow Insect
  • Health — The total health of the enemy
  • Attack — Notable attacks (apart from common/normal physical attacks), e.g. Pig, Magunesu, Eeno, Whirling Scythe
  • Weapon — Weapons effective against the enemy
  • Spoils — Items(s) that may be dropped in upon an enemy's defeat in The Wind Waker
  • EXP Points — EXP awarded upon the enemy's defeat (in The Adventure of Link)
  • Theme Music — A link to the enemy's theme song.