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{{{Name}}} {{{Subject}}}
File:TMC Link and Ezlo Artwork.png


This template is a way to easily make a character comment template.


To use this template, use this code:


The parameters are:

  • Image — The image the comment box uses. Do not include the File prefix.
  • Size — The size of the used image. Defaults to 100 pixels.
  • Link — The page the image links to. Defaults to the image's page.
  • Title — The alternate text to have for the image. Defaults to whatever is in place for the link.
  • Name — The name for the comment. Typically in the form of "Character's Comment".
  • Header — What to have for the comment's always visible header. Defaults to whatever is in place for the Name parameter.
  • Color — The color of the template's border. Defaults to the wiki's border color. Although it is optional, it is highly recommended that it is a color that is associated with the character depicted in the chosen image.
  • Background — The color of the template's background. Defaults to the wiki's header color.
  • Subject — The main subject that the comment is referring to.
  • Content — The main content of the comment.