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This template is used to display different content each day.

To use the template, type:
    {{Day|Sunday's Content |Monday's Content |Tuesday's Content |Wednesday's Content |Thursday's Content |Friday's Content |Saturday's Content |Setting (Optional) }}

To force the template to use a certain day's content at any given time, type the name of the day (eg. Wed or Wednesday) or the number of the day (from 1 to 7; eg. 4, IV or Four) in the "Setting (Optional)" field. This makes testing the template for errors and appearance very easy. This field is NOT case sensitive.

If the optional setting is left blank, the template changes the content based on the server time (UTC). To have the template change by your local time, type "Local" in this field. Make sure the time setting in your "my preferences" is correct.


Code Display Current Day (UTC)
| I love Sunday!
| Bleh, Monday
| Tuesday is decent
| Wednesday's not that bad
| Thursday is one step behind Friday...
| Thank heavens! It's Friday!
| Saturday is the time to relax!
Tuesday is decent Tuesday
| Sunday's Content
| Monday's content
| 3
| 4
| 5
| 6
| 7
| Sunday
Sunday's Content