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This template displays a Hyrule Compendium entry in Breath of the Wild based on the page name or a name parameter. The information is taken from a table containing all the Compendium information, which is currently: User:KokoroSenshi/Sandbox/Hyrule Compendium.




{{Template:Compendium/Extract|Entry Name}}


{{Template:Compendium/Extract|Honeyvore Bear}}

Hyrule Compendium Entry

026 (026) Honeyvore Bear
BotW Hyrule Compendium Honeyvore Bear.png
This king among animals is dangerous game for even the most seasoned hunters. They'll attack anyone who wanders into their territory regardless of the wanderer's weaponry. As their name implies, they have a natural love of honey. Extreme caution is advised when you spot one, but if you're sneaky enough and maybe just a little bit crazy... you just may be able to ride one.
Common Locations
Tabantha Frontier
Akkala Highlands
Recoverable Materials
Raw Prime Meat Raw Gourmet Meat
The above documentation is transcluded from Template:Compendium/Extract/Documentation. (edit | history)