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[clarification needed]


To be placed directly after vague statements requiring clarification. Pages marked with this template are added to Category:Statements Needing Clarification. Specific categories also exist for each game (see below).


To use this template, insert the following immediately after punctuation, as if citing a source.

{{Clarify|reason= Reason|Game}}

  • Reason — What exactly is unclear about the statement, as it may not be evident to other editors. The reason appears in a tooltip. Due to a bug, the tooltip will not appear if it contains double quotes ("). Instead, use single quotes (') or the code ".
  • Game — The game that the statement pertains to. Can be the game's full title, subtitle, or abbreviation. See here for a list of possible values. This adds the article to a more specific category (e.g. Category:The Wind Waker Statements Needing Clarification) in addition to the general category, for the benefit of editors. Entering "nocat" surpresses the category altogether.

If the statement covers multiple games, you can use additional parameters, e.g. ({{Clarify|OOT|MM|TWW|TP}}). The template accepts up to six game parameters.

Parameters can be added in any order; you can add the reason before or after the game(s).


Bokoblins can wield Darknut Swords. The attack power remains the same, however.[clarification needed]

The above is produced with the following code:

Bokoblins can wield [[Darknut Swords]]. The attack power remains the same, however.{{clarify|reason= What remains the same? The attack power of the Bokoblin, or that of the Darknut Sword?|TWW}}

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