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Template:Cite person

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This is a variant of the {{cite}} template that is to be used when you're quoting a person, such as a Zelda developer. This is to be used to cite sources, and should be used within <ref></ref> tags.


To use, enter this code:

{{Cite person| quote= [the quote]| name= [the quoted]| url= [URL]| title= [page title]}}

Replace the parts in [ brackets ] like so:

  • quote
    • The exact quote that the person said.
  • name
    • The name of the person being quoted (first name, last name).
  • url
    • The URL of the page that the quote was pulled from.
  • title
    • The name of the page itself.


{{Cite person|quote= Welcome to Zelda Wiki!|name= [[User:Jason|Jason]]|url= http://www.zeldawiki.org|title= Main Page}}

Will generate:

"Welcome to Zelda Wiki!"Jason (Main Page)