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Template:Cite manual

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This is a variant of the {{cite}} template that is to be used when you're citing a manual for a Zelda game. This is to be used to cite sources, and should be used within <ref></ref> tags.

This template can also be used in FileInfo to source an image, in which case <ref></ref> tags should not be used.


To use, enter this code:

    {{Cite manual|quote= |game= |page= }}

  • quote — The exact quote from the manual. This field is optional, but should always be used nonetheless, unless no particular quote applies to the reference (e.g. when citing a manual as a source for an image).
  • game — The name of the game that the manual belongs to. A list of usable names and abbreviations can be found here.
  • page — The page number(s) that the reference is pulled from (format: 54 or 34-36)


{{cite manual|quote= Talk to people or read signs by tapping them.|game= Phantom Hourglass|page= 16}}


"Talk to people or read signs by tapping them." (Phantom Hourglass manual, pg. 16)