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"{{{1}}}" — {{{2}}}


This template is used to cite spoken in-game text as a reference for a particular statement or assertion (see this page for additional information).
It should be used in-between <ref> </ref> tags:

    {{Cite| Quote | Person Speaking | Game | Game Info }}

  • Quote — The text to quote. Any wiki coding
  • Person Speaking — The person who said the quote.
  • Game — The game where the quote originates. This may be the game's full title, subtitle or an abbreviation. For a list of usable titles, see the list here. If the "Game" field is one of the titles mentioned in the list, a link to the corresponding article is automatically generated. Otherwise, the text is treated as normal wikicode and it is the user's responsibly to make sure it links to the right (external) article.
  • Game Info — Additional information about the game. This is used to add things like which version of the game the quote comes from (eg. original vs remake, American vs Japanese version). Only works if "Game" is a valid Zelda game.


{{Cite|I am the great wind mage!|Vaati}}
"I am the great wind mage!" — Vaati
{{Cite|I am the great wind mage!|Vaati|FS}}
"I am the great wind mage!" — Vaati (Four Swords)
{{Cite|I am the great wind mage!|Vaati|FS|Anniversary Edition}}
"I am the great wind mage!" — Vaati (Four Swords -- Anniversary Edition)
{{Cite|I am the great [[wind]] [[:Category:Sorcerers|mage]]!| [[Vaati]] | FS | Anniversary Edition }}
"I am the great wind mage!" — Vaati (Four Swords -- Anniversary Edition)
{{Cite| Tired of pixies asking you to listen? | Idol Description | [[ip:Kid Icarus: Uprising|Kid Icarus: Uprising]] }}
"Tired of pixies asking you to listen?" — Idol Description (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
{{Cite| Some text | Speaker | [http://somesite.com Some Site] }}
"Some text" — Speaker (Some Site)
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