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Adding game categories to pages.


 |<type>= <games>
 |<type>= <games>

Accepted Parameters

Currently, bosses, characters, dungeons, enemies, items, objects, places, songs, stages, and sub-bosses are supported for <type>.

Any game abbreviation will work for <games>.


 |bosses= TP, TPHD
 |characters= LA, LANS
 |dungeons= LADX
 |enemies= FSA
 |items= OoT, OoT3D, TMC
 |objects= MM, MM3D
 |places= MM, BotW
 |songs= OoT, OoT3D
 |stages= HW, HWL, HWDE, SSBfN3DS, SSBfWU
 |sub-bosses= TP, TPHD


This template should be added at the very bottom of articles, just before interwiki links. Types should be used in alphabetical order. If a type does not apply, it should not be used. Games should be entered in canon order.

This is the documentation page, it should be transcluded into the main template page. See Template:Documentation for more information.