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Adding game categories to pages.


 |Category 1, Category 2, ... 
 |<type>= <games>
 |<type>= <games>

Accepted Parameters

The first parameter accepts categories that are not listed below. (ie: Category:Horses).

Currently, bosses, characters, dungeons, enemies, items, objects, places, songs, stages, and sub-bosses are supported for <type>.

Any game abbreviation will work for <games>.


 |Animals, Horses
 |bosses= TP, TPHD
 |characters= LA, LANS
 |dungeons= LADX
 |enemies= FSA
 |items= OoT, OoT3D, TMC
 |objects= MM, MM3D
 |places= MM, BotW
 |songs= OoT, OoT3D
 |stages= HW, HWL, HWDE, SSBfN3DS, SSBfWU
 |sub-bosses= TP, TPHD


This template should be added at the very bottom of articles, just before interwiki links. Types should be used in alphabetical order. If a type does not apply, it should not be used. Games should be entered in canon order.

The above documentation is transcluded from Template:Categories/Documentation. (edit | history)