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This template creates a bar that displays a portion of it filled to a certain amount.


To use this template, type:     {{Bar|Value }}

  • value — The amount to fill the bar up to. It can be a number with up to two decimal places. Under the default it ranges from 0 to 100. If nothing is entered it is set to 0.

There are additional options as well:

|value   = 
|total   = 
|text    = 
|height  = 
|width   = 
|border  = 
|padding = 
|color1  = 
|color2  = 
  • total — Total amount for the whole bar. Defaults to 100.
  • text — Text to display in the header. Blank if left empty.
  • height — Height of the bar. Default is 2px.
  • width — Width of the bar. Default is 75%.
  • border — Setting for the bar's border. The default is 1px solid black.
  • padding — Amount of padding for the bar, default is 1px
  • color1 — Color of the filled portion of the bar. Default is a green color (#0C0)
  • color2 — Color of the unfilled portion of the bar. Default is a red color (#F00)