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This template is to be placed on a page that contains an archive. It lets other users know that the archive is only for reference and it is best not to add to it.


To use this template, type:     {{Archive|Page Name (optional) |Other name space (optional) }}

Noting that by default (empty or omitted parameters) the current talk page link in the template will go the the talk page of the current page (e.g. if the current page is Help:Templates, the link goes to Help Talk:Templates), then the parameters are as follows:

  • Page Name β€” The page name to change the current talk page link to (does not affect the name space)
  • Other name space β€” The name of the namespace to change the current talk page link to)

Together, the options "Page Name" and "Other name space" are used if you would like the archive template to link to another talk page other than the article's talk page. If the article is just a normal article or is on a subpage, then only {{Archive}} needs to be typed. Note that linking to an article (on the main namespace) cannot be done as one would expect by typing "main" or leaving it empty, however one usually wouldn't be doing that.


The following illustrate the capabilities of the template: On the Ikana page:

    {{Archive}} links to Talk:Ikana.
    {{Archive|Princess Zelda }} links to Talk:Princess Zelda.
    {{Archive|Templates |Help }} links to Help:Templates.
    {{Archive| |Category Talk }} links to Category Talk:Ikana.

On the Community:Great Deku Tree page,

    {{Archive}} links to Community Talk:Great Deku Tree.
    {{Archive|NintendoWiki }} links to Community Talk:NintendoWiki.
    {{Archive|Ikana |Talk }} links to Talk:Ikana.
    {{Archive| |Talk }} links to Talk:Great Deku Tree.

See also the pages that use it for reference: