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Template:Infobox Animal

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This template is used to display an animal character's vital information.
To add this template to an article copy and paste the following code and then fill in the information (all fields are optional):

|image=          an image of the animal
|caption=        a caption for the image should one be necessary (be brief)
|title=          the animal's title
|alias=          the animal's alias(es)
|species=        the species of the animal
|gender=         the gender of the animal, if applicable (Male, Female)
|game=           the games that the animal appears in
|other=          other media (books, tv episodes, comics) in which this animal appears
|era=            the era in which this animal appeared in according to the official Zelda Timeline
|family=         any family related to the animal
|voiceactor= voice actors who have played the animal
|theme=    theme music associated with the animal
|nocat=          entering any text here will avoid categorizing the page under Category:Animals (useful if the animal belongs in a sub-category, such as Birds)

Blank code (paste onto page):