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Telephone Booth

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Telephone Booth
LANS Telephone Booth Model.png
Main Appearance(s)

Telephone Booths are locations in Link's Awakening.[1]

Features and Overview

Telephone Booths can be found all across Koholint Island. They are communication devices used to speak with Old Man Ulrira, who will give Link various hints on how to progress on his quest.[2]

When using the phone inside Old Man Ulrira's house, Link dials the number of someone calling himself the Bucket Mouse. After hanging up, a message appears saying that Link must have dialed the wrong number.[3]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapanese電話ボックス (Denwa Bokkusu) (LANS)Telephone Box
CanadaFrenchCACabine téléphonique (LANS)Same as English.
French RepublicFrenchEUCabine téléphonique (LANS)Same as English.
Federal Republic of GermanyGermanTelefonhäuschen (LANS)Telephone Lodge
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  3. "'BRRING! BRRING! BRRING! CLICK! Yeees! It's the Bucket Mouse! Thanks for calling! ...Well... CLICK!' ??? ... You must have dialed a wrong number..." — Bucket Mouse (Link's Awakening DX)