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Teake is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Teake is a Gerudo who is captain of the soldiers in the barracks in Gerudo Town.[3] If Link speaks to her, she questions what he is doing in the barracks and tells him to leave because they are on high alert due to a recent theft.[4][5] If Link speaks to her again, she warns him not to make the guards any more tense than they already are.[6]

If Link speaks to Teake after speaking to Riju for the first time, she initially tells him again to leave,[7] but apologizes after Link explains that Buliara sent him.[3] She continues to explain that the Thunder Helm was stolen by the Yiga Clan the other day and that the Yiga Clan Hideout is in Karusa Valley.[8][9] Teake says that she was just thinking about requesting extra help and then proceeds to inform the soldiers to tell Link any information.[10][11] Teake then tells Link to consider himself part of their unit.[12]

If Link speaks to Teake after recovering the Thunder Helm, she compliments Link's combat abilities and asks if he will join the Gerudo forces.[13][14] If Link accepts her offer, she laughs, but says that she knows he is on an important quest.[15] If Link passes on the offer, Teake is disappointed but understands because of the important quest that Link is on.[16] Either way, Teake encourages Link to reconsider his answer after his quest.[17][18]


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