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The Tavern is never seen in the book
Other Appearance(s)

The Tavern is a location featured in The Crystal Trap. Situated in the main street of the Town of Ruto, the tavern serves as a gathering and enterntainment place for the townsfolk, where they can have a drink or even sing.[1][2]


After Princess Zelda enters the tavern, she sits down and notices that a hooded stranger sitting in a corner of the room all by himself is staring right at her.[3] Thinking that it's one of Ganon's spies, she wonders if she should either confront him now to get him off her back or leave and try to lose him in the streets.[4] If Zelda decides to approach the stranger, she will fight her way through the crowd and confronts the stranger with her hand on her dagger.[5] The hooded man reveals himself to be Estragon, Zelda's old teacher. He informs her that there are real spies of Ganon lurking about and that he already knows about her quest.[6] Curious, Zelda asks if he knows how to get the Magic Honey from Conly the beekeeper. Estragon gives her a small flask containing the sap of the fairy flower tree, which the beekeper uses to make his favorite drink.[7] Before departing the tavern, Zelda embraces her old friend and heads for the Beekeeper's Hut.


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