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This article is about the characters in the Zelda series with notable tattoos. For the Community page that discusses and showcases fan tattoos pertaining to the Zelda series, see Community:Tattoo.

Tattoos have been becoming more and more evident in The Legend of Zelda series as character art and models have increased in detail. The first mention of a body marking was the Triforce crest appearing on Link's hand in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and likewise throughout the series, although this wasn't meant to be interpreted as a tattoo.

Bean Seller


This is the first ingame accessible tattoo in Ocarina of Time. He has  (Bean) tattooed on his arm.

Treasure Chest Game Owner/Fisherman

The fisherman from Majora's Mask

Treasure Chest Game Owner from Ocarina of Time and his Majora's Mask counterpart, found in the Fisherman's Hut at Great Bay Coast, have tribal tattoos on their body.

Bomb Shop Owner

The Clock Town Bomb Shop Owner

The Bomb Shop Owner from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask has tattoos on his head and on his arms. The symbols on his arms are similar to the symbols on the Treasure Chest Game Owner/Fisherman's shoulders.



All Gorons proudly wear the Goron Emblem on their biceps. The design has a basic tribal appearance of presumably a pawprint, made of isoceles triangles and a central diamond shape. This tattoo also matches the shape of the Goron's Ruby. Gorons in Twilight Princess and Spirit Tracks have many more body markings that have not been confirmed to be either tattoos nor body paint. The war paint speculation has credence given the state of alert the Gorons are in during the events of Link's quest.



Mikau, the guitarist of The Indigo-Go's from Majora's Mask, has a large tattoo on his right arm. The tattoo can also be seen on Zora Link's replica created by the "Elegy of Emptiness". He also appears to have one on his head and neck as well.


Baito Figurine Back.png

Baito, Koboli's assistant at the Island Postal Service found on Dragon Roost Island in The Wind Waker, has tribal tattoos on his body, and notably an Eye Symbol on his back.


The visible tattoo

Zauz, the blacksmith who helps Link by forging the Phantom Sword in Phantom Hourglass, has a large purple tattoo running over his shoulder similar to that of Baito.

Madame Fanadi

The eye symbol on Madame Fanadi's forehead in addition to her red eyes have led many to believe she is a Sheikah.

Madame Fanadi, the fortune teller from Twilight Princess, has the Sheikah symbol on her forehead. The eye symbol on her forehead in addition to her red eyes have led many to believe she is a Sheikah.



In Twilight Princess, the female monkey has what appears to be a circular tattoo on her shoulder.