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BotW Tamana Model.png

Tamana is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Tamana is a timid, slightly forgetful woman who tends to a small Cucco farm in Hateno Village. Should Link approach her, she panics and threatens to call someone to remove him for trespassing.[2] However, she is quick to apologize for her rash behavior, as she can see that Link is not a threatening person. [3] She realizes that she is talking randomly and mentions that her husband dislikes this habit.[4] Tamana finally brings herself to simply ask Link to leave, giving him a Bird Egg as an apology for her words. [5]

If Link hangs around to speak to her further, she is not sure if she asked him to leave.[6] Should Link admit that she did, she wonders why.[7] However, if Link says he does not believe she did, she becomes confused.[8] Tamana then admits that she is often dropping eggs, despite having been on the farm for a few years.[9] In a joking mood, Tamana decides to reward Link with another Bird Egg for "correctly guessing" that she is clumsy.[10] She then pauses, wondering if she was the one to answer the question.[11] Link admits that she did and she tells him the benefits of using the egg in recipes.[12] She then realizes that she gave the Bird Egg away instead of taking it to the East Wind for sale, which happens frequently.[13] Although she admits that she does not like to sell the eggs, she knows her husband would never agree.[14] Link can keep trying to speak to her, but Tamana wonders if he has somewhere else to be.[15]


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