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Talk:The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Archive 1

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Link is NOT 10 years old. We do not know his age. Don't put false information up.

In the instruction booklet they estimated his age to be about 10 years old, basically puberty. Where he was inbetween a boy and a man. Estimates are for just getting an idea about what age he is at but shouldn't be taken as "hard true facts."

We can't say that all other zelda games following OoT "never reached the same level of originality" with their gameplay style. That is a matter of oppinion, and it's certainly not a consensus. That text should either be removed, or site a source.

But it says everywhere in the future (not in the game though) that link is seventeen, so logicly, he's 10, there no proof that he's not, anyway

I always imagined young link as 10 and adult link as 17, but that is just my opinion.--Claire 21:36, 10 December 2007 (EST)

Because the Link in Wind Waker is said to be 12 years old-the age of the hero-I would think Young Link is 12 and Adult Link is 19. --Mick, (User: ZeldaGirl96 )
I thought he was nine... There was an interview saying that the Link from Twilight Princess is 16, also commenting that's also the Hero of Time's age. LinkTheLefty 15:10, 25 February 2010 (UTC)
Oh! And an update - according to an old interview (before any Four Swords games were released), Miyamoto says that he thinks Link is around seven or eight years old as a child. LinkTheLefty 21:13, 25 February 2010 (UTC)
If it is legitimate, grab the quote that says so and ref it in the page! — ciprianotalk 17:30, 7 March 2010 (UTC)

Oh Yeah!

This is the best Zelda on my opinion. The thing 09:38, 10 March 2007 (CST)

I love it too! But Is there a game where he ever does find navi again? Oh, and by the way, did you know that it's already the most popular?--Eponasowner 14:37, 18 November 2007 (EST)

He never finds navi again and does anyone know why she left? --ZeldaGirl101 19:08, 4 June 2008 (UTC)

Probably because what they teamed up to do had been done. Their partnership had ended. Then I guess that Link realized that he needed a friend a bit more than he realized. --Ando 19:24, 4 June 2008 (UTC)

You'd think he'd find a clue or a sign of Navi in Majora's Mask. Ocarina of Time is the BEST EVER! -Mick, [User: ZeldaGirl96] (Sorry if I did this wrong somehow: I'm a new user.)

Her guilt for letting the great deku tree down charged her to help link avenge him, and once the quest was complete...she wandered off. SHE was complete.--Stalkid 23:16, 15 December 2008 (UTC)

Article Overhaul

I just did a major overhaul of this article, improving it throughout with links, more details, etc...

If anyone wishes to add more, these parts of the plot could use furthur expansion:

1.)Death Mountain and Zora's Domain - Young Link

2.)Temples for Adult Link

3.)Perhaps even a section on some character details, other than Link, Zelda, Ganondorf and the Great Deku Tree. The sages immediately come to mind. 01:27, 20 April 2007 (PDT)

Recent Edits

I don't agree with the recent removal of links from this article: history. As far as I'm concerned, the only valid reason to remove a link is if it is factually incorrect. Personally, I would have simply reverted the edits if they didn't contain useful grammatical fixes. I propose that the links be reinserted, any opinions? --Adam 00:13, 7 August 2007 (PDT)

Uh... sorry, it's been awhile since I've checked here...
Actually, many of the links that were removed were originally put in by me when I first added all the story content. (When I did that, I did not have this account, so it was anonymous. Since that time, I have edited many more articles in other wikis and have found that it is best to only link to another article once per page, when the name of said article is mentioned. That way, all the articles throughout don't become bogged down with multiple links to the same page, which can more easily than you might think. Anyway, those are my thoughts on it. Pel'marn Dakari 03:04, 12 October 2007 (EDT)


This game has blood and violence and it was just Rated E. Paper Jorge

Technically, no. in latter versions, it's rated T.--Eponasowner 14:39, 18 November 2007 (EST)

I have every version of it, they all say "E" so I think you are confused. —Preceding unsigned comment added by NintenJoe231 (talk) 21:15, 23 May 2008 (UTC)

The above is true. None of the games have been re-rated. It's been stated (by Nate Bihldorf, I think) that if OoT had had better graphics, it totally would have been a T, but it didn't, so... It's E. --Ando 04:53, 24 May 2008 (UTC)

Beta Zelda

shouldn't the beta zelda OOT be included in this article

I see your point, but i don't know much about it so I can't fix it.

Old conversation, but I feel the need to butt in here. No, not really. Every game ever has a beta version, so Ocarina's isn't any more "important" or noteworthy. The only beta things that should be added are specific things such as on the Sage Medallions article. --Ando 04:53, 24 May 2008 (UTC)

Never Ending.....Ending?

I just beat this game and im still at the ending does it ever go back to the title screen or should i just turn my 64 off? --ZeldaGirl101 19:09, 4 June 2008 (UTC)

Right, just turn the N64 off. Most Zelda games don't go back to the title screen after the ending, so you need to just turn the system off. --Ando 19:24, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
Yeah, I've always hated that - after playing for dozens of hours, I've always felt sort of cheated to just get a screen that says "The End (please turn off your console now!)" --Adam 21:49, 4 June 2008 (UTC)
I did that too...I just sat there for like 15 minutes...And then thought maybe I should turn this off...minor 'flaw', some say, but never-the-less the game is the BEST.—Preceding unsigned comment added by ZeldaGirl96 (talk) 13:29, 16 June 2008

The hero of Time

I posted up an image for that section and shortly Ando removed it. It depicted Link in a cutscene where he sees the Triforce. Does anybody else see a problem with this image? File:Triforce-n-Link.jpg GunMetal Angel

I've posted my rationale here. —Ando (talk) 23:10, 11 July 2008 (UTC)

Links (the external kinds, not the hero kinds)

So... how do we feel about the external links section linking to fan sites? We have no official policy on this so I didn't want to remove it without discussing it first... I personally don't think we should because, well, there's a probably at least a hundred sites that could be linked to with little to no justification, and if we don't decide something regarding their fate, we could end up having these hundred links all over the place! Thoughts? —Ando (talk) 15:27, 28 July 2008 (UTC)
I also think that the existing links should be moved to a references section, as references for a "reception" section, thus removing pretty much any need for an external links section.

"Events leading up to" section

Ooer... We have the Hyrulean Civil War article. However, I feel kind of bad about just removing the section outright, given the amount of work that looks like went into it. So perhaps any information found in that section that's NOT found in the Imprisoning War article could be merged with it, and then the whole section removed from this article? I'll add a little "by the way, the Hyrulean Civil War! :D" blurb after that's done. Also, could we please call the game "Ocarina of Time", not "The Ocarina of Time"? :P —Ando (talk) 22:37, 7 September 2008 (UTC)

I wrote the article because I thought there were no other articles about it. As the narrator of it, I am very comfortable with anyone removing or merging my work. Sorry if it was inconvenient. -Fado

Oh, no problem; it's not like you can really know about every article on the site, right? No need to feel sorry or anything. I'll see what I can do with it, though. Thanks for being understanding. ;) —Ando (talk) 18:29, 8 September 2008 (UTC)

Improved 'n' Reloaded

The gameplay section was a bit short, ao I have expanded it. In fact, I can't believe that an article about a highly revolutionary game like OOT had this section so watered down. OOT is a game of many firsts, and refined everything the previous games did. --K2L 03:05, 19 January 2010 (UTC)

Nothing really "revolutionary" about OoT. Ty Solpine 23:03, 29 January 2010 (UTC)

Temple of Time

Is it true that the ToT was originally to be a "complete" dungeon? TyVulpine 02:19, 28 January 2010 (UTC)

Can someone confirm this about version differences?

Ignoring the GameCube version for a second (which we all know is an edited 1.2 in all regions), we know all three versions were released in North America, and Europe had two (their 1.0 is the equivalent of US 1.1, and EU 1.1 is pretty much US 1.2). What I'm confused about is the Japanese version. As far as I know, there is only one version released in Japan, and that's the original 1.0 that was released in NA with Japanese text enabled. However...

In this topic that details the possible origins of Master Quest, a screenshot of someone's ROM collection shows what seems to be a Japanese 1.1 and 1.2, as well as a Japanese Majora's Mask 1.1 (which wouldn't make sense, as 1.1 is the US game and 1.2 is the EU one in that case). Since I can't find another source saying that these revisions were released in Japan, I'm inclined to think they are hacks. After all, one can glitch the N64 cart to display Japanese text. I'm very sure these ROMs are the result of someone hacking the Japanese text back to default, and that is very possible since that is what the Japanese versions of these games did (OoT & MM were both 1.2 and converted in Japanese).

But just to make sure, can anyone confirm without a doubt that Japan only received 1.0? And as a side note, how about the Japanese Virtual Console version? Is it still an edited 1.2 like it is in US and EU, or is it the original 1.0 release if that's the case? LinkTheLefty 15:56, 25 February 2010 (UTC)

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

E3 said that this game wil lbe for the 3DS, with the title Legend of Zelda; Ocarina of Time 3D. Link500 13:15, 16 June 2010 (UTC)


WHO PUT OCARINA OF F---ERS!?! That is totally immature! What if a little 6 year old comes by? Ocarnia of F---ers is gonna be his next game! --AnonymousPerson 15:00, 26 June 2010 (UTC) (I'm new!)

It was a spammer. Nothing to get in a blind rage about. — ciprianotalk 09:09, 24 August 2010 (EDT)

Trivia Section

Although Dany recently reverted the edit, I do think that I remember getting small keys in Dodongo's Cavern, for some reason. Anyone else have that feeling? — ciprianotalk 09:09, 24 August 2010 (EDT)

Oh, whoops, I didn't mean to revert that....weird. Anyway, to be honest, I don't remember small keys in DC, anyway. Maybe in the Master Quest version, but certainly not in the original version. Dany36 10:44, 24 August 2010 (EDT)

3DS "Retelling" hints

Nintendo officials have stated that the 3DS remake will be a "Retelling of the same story", which should be a HUGE hint for the style of the game. That is because Nintendo have done retelling before- "Metroid: Zero Mission" was a "Retelling" remake of the original Metroid on the Gameboy Advance. They changed the graphics and added extra content, such as more bosses, more cutscenes, and improved layout. These will probably be the changes which will occur in OoT3DS. We already know about a layout improvement in the water temple, and probably a game[lay change in the way you play the Ocarina. This shouod be noted as a major clue for the game's style.

Yep, click that link there, and discuss that stuff on a forum. Your use of the word "probably" is the indication that this stuff shouldn't be on the page. Without qualitative evidence beyond a doubt, we'll keep this page, content-wise, the way it is until it gets closer to release. Thanks for the tidbit, though, and perhaps you are right! ;) — ciprianotalk 22:17, 28 September 2010 (EDT)

Not Enough References?

I've looked over the page, and I see references in their appropriate spots. Should I remove the template, or is there a reason for the template to be there? Thanks. - TheSuperZeldaMan 17:29, 28 November 2010 (UTC)

Probably someone forgot to remove it, so I'll do so. Admittedly, the Legacy section may need a few more references, but the {{Fact}} and {{whom}} templates are already there (I'll see later where I can find the proper references =P); the Not Enough References is used when there are very few in an article. --K2L (Interrogatory) 13:43, 28 November 2010 (EST)
I know, I've created a large majority of Metroid Wiki's templates. - TheSuperZeldaMan 02:31, 30 November 2010 (UTC)