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Pierre in MM?

I was on the ZU boards and someone said they thought both Pierre and Bonooru were in Majora's Mask. So I did a little digging and made this reply:

Hmm. Actually, upon searching the text dump, I've discovered that the names "Pierre" and "Bonooru" don't appear anywhere! And the official player's guide simply calls the character "The Scarecrow." Apparently, this scarecrow appears to be a nameless counterpart to the Hyrule versions. But since the scarecrow claims to be "wandering" and the scarecrow in the Trading Post and the Astral Observatory say the exact same thing, I'd wager they're the same dude. The only way to test it would be to play a song for one of them, and then talk to the other and see if he recognizes that you've played for him before. I'll test it sometime.

In light of this, I think the MM scarecrow should be removed from the Pierre page and the scarecrow section on this page for the MM character should be rewritten to reflect the fact that he has no name. Unless I'm utterly mistaken and someone has a reference for his name being Pierre?? Embyr 75  --Talk-- 18:47, 7 July 2013 (UTC)

Bump! If no one has any objections, I'd like to make the changes suggested above soon. Opinions? Embyr 75  --Talk-- 00:54, 30 July 2013 (UTC)