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Talk:My Fairy

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Food and abilities

Hi, I've recently discovered something, I will try to be as clear as possible:

  • As you know, feeding a Fairy helps her acquiring points in her personality traits. (Oh really ?)
  • You have three kinds of capacities: bronze, silver, and gold one. For bronze capacities, you need 2 traits to be at about 50. For silver, you need 3 traits at 100 - 150. And for golden ones, you need 4 traits, two must be at 200, and two other ones at 225.
  • BUT one problem with that: when the Fairy reaches level 99 and thus needs to be revived: all her traits goes down to 0 - 40!!! It means you cannot for example max out the dizzy, friendly and resolute traits, then revive the fairy, and then max sparkly. No: you have to max everything in once!
  • However, I've made some calculations: a lvl1 Fairy can eat 33 golden foods before reaching lvl99 (because it gives 3 lvls, and 3*32 +1 = 97). AND: if we want to have 200; 200; 225; 225, it means we must gain 850 points in total. However, in the best configuration: a golden food gives +10 in one trait, +5 in two and +2 in another one). If we give 33 foods, the total is equal to (10+5*2+2)*33 = 726. Conclusion: it's obviously not possible to reach 850. :p.

So we have some solutions:

  • Give STAB aliments to the fairy so we can reach 850. (Yeah, I'm a big Pokémon fan too!)
  • Max each traits a first time so they go back to ~40 after reviving (and not 0).
  • Gratitude Crystals gives +10 in everything!!! But we have to say goodbye to a fairy that is at lvl50 to gain one ... so yeah ...

Anyway, one thing is sure: to be able to unlock golden capacities, we have to prepare ourselve! It means know exactly what is/are the best aliment(s) for each trait, make calculations to see if it will be OK or not, and for this: we need to know each bonuses maluses given by golden foods.

I know my explanation is more or less a strategy guide, but maybe it can help some people, and maybe someone will find something interesting to put in the article!

Fire  -  Luigi 22:29, 27 July 2016 (UTC)


Also, if you need some images, you can find my rips here (only the artworks are not from me, they are the ones you put on the article)

Fire  -  Luigi 22:21, 31 July 2016 (UTC)

A chart to sum up the informations?

I have an idea: we could make a small chart to show what foods are the best for each trait ? Currently, the only way to find it is to search in this huuuge list and it's not very convenient.

To show what it looks like, here is what I've done one the French Wiki. The complete chart is above, but we have a smaller one to sum up everything.

Fire  -  Luigi 21:37, 12 September 2016 (UTC)

While I agree that what we have at the moment is not ideal for finding anything, I don't think another table is the correct way to deal with that. I also think the table you linked oversimplifies the information as it bases it solely on the Gold food. Last week, I briefly experimented with another table format but any attempt at sorting broke the table so I decided to keep the table this way for now.Link Lab (talk) 15:47, 13 September 2016 (UTC)